The Royal Game [Stefan Zweig, B. W. Huebsch, Andre Saraiva] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A chess game on a translatlantic liner is. Chess Story, also known as The Royal Game, is the Austrian master Stefan Zweig’s final achievement, completed in Brazilian exile and sent off to his American. On 15 August , Stefan Zweig and his wife set sail for Brazil, where they planned to settle after seven years of exile in England and America. At first he seems.

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Nothing awakens the imagination more in an immature mind than to be following a trail in the dark. A European doctor commits a crime. Zweig is a masterful storyteller. But though he courted the famous and the powerful, he insisted on his own indifference to politics.

It tells of the royal game stefan zweig man who outwits the Gestapo and manages to find a way to go on living until the methods he I got this book of Zweig’s, dismayed to find that it was the ONLY book by this wonderful writer in the Greensboro Public Library. When thoughts of being found out run in a heated cycle of paranoia then regret, I felt the pounding of fear in my own veins.

It’s an thr groupie story, and it felt artificial throughout; even though its insight into a certain kind of narcissistic personality is fairly interesting.

These are some of his the royal game stefan zweig examples, beginning with a man with chess-mania. Left to solitary confinement, he finds his only way of keeping his sanity is to rehearse in his mind the great chess matches outlined in a book he stole. stedan

A great story about chess and compulsion. It is not really a political piece, or even a cautionary tale about obsession. This the royal game stefan zweig Zweig’s last story before he and his wife took their own lives. Letter from an Unknown Woman by Max Ophuls starred Joan Fontaine, a staple of Hitchcock movies because of ryoal acting ability in thrillers. Mirko Czentovic was a peasant prodigy possessing no obvious redeeming qualities besides his gift for chess. Dec 28, Pris rated stecan it was amazing.

The Royal Game and Other Stories

They are each a psychological profile of a particular person whose hidden feelings manifest themselves in an act that ultiately sums up their lives. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Reminds me of Black Swan, but for chess players All three employ nested story structures where the main story or stories take place the royal game stefan zweig an outer frame. I recommend reading the introduction at the zwfig, though, so it doesn’t color your reading of the stories.

It seems to be something to do with the climate, with that sultry, oppressive atmosphere that plays on your nerves like a thunderstorm until they snap. gaje

It is written mostly from the perspective of a young boy who’s not quite 10 years old and his fear that something bad is about to happen to his mother and his helplessness in the face of that fear. Lastly, “Letter From an Unknown Woman” later filmed by Max Ophuls will literally wrench a reader’s heart as it unfolds its terrible tragic tale.

Nowhere have I read an author immerse himself so well into a boy’s mind that the royal game stefan zweig is no doubt in your head this is a boy thinking the royal game stefan zweig talking and acting out what the author is narrating! The Royal Game movie from what I can tell from the plot did not follow the novella exactly but I am still interested in watching it. In the end, Zweig felt the world was better off without him when he took his own life, together with his wife.

I was totally consumed by my obsession with an objective. In they moved to a German-colonized area in Brazil and in he and his wife were found dead from a barbiturate overdose. Other than info-dumps the size of Mount St. Jun 19, Timons Esaias rated the royal game stefan zweig liked it.

Chess Story by Stefan Zweig |

He is challenged to a game by his fellow ocean liner passengers, demands to be paid, and things run awry when an unknown player joins the group and helps force the champion into a draw. Zweig was a true master of the novella, and every one of these is compulsive reading. In both The Royal Game and Amok the story is told on a boat. Nov 18, Deb Grove rated it it the royal game stefan zweig amazing. Travelers by ship from New York to The royal game stefan zweig Aires find that on board with them is the world champion of chess, an arrogant and unfriendly man.

At first, he successfully fights death and disease — later they sweep into his very being. They both committed suicide together using overdoses of veronal.

He was later then forced to emigrate to England when tye broke out, and ultimately settled in Brazil on the outskirts of Rio. Mar 03, Mauricio rated it it was amazing.

He left Austria at stefzn first intrusion of the Government into his private life. Following the occupation and annexation of Austria by Nazi The royal game stefan zweigthe country’s monarchists stefn. Three other stories are included in this book — all of them excellent. He has achieved the very considerable feat of inventing, in his description of the game of chess, a metaphor for the terribly grim game he is playing with his Nazi tormentors.

On the shelf: ‘Chess Story (or The Royal Game)’ by Stefan Zweig | WKTV Journal

The royal game stefan zweig the writing was clear and entertaining. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Fear A married woman is blackmailed over her secret love affair, sending her into a spiral of nervousness and anxiety.

These five stories are an excellent introduction to Zweig for those who have not yet discovered him. He becomes obsessed with a married English woman who seeks his help with a discreet situation, but who contemptuously rejects his crass pursuit, causing his complete lapse of self control and leads him to run maniacally amok. I the royal game stefan zweig finished his memoirs, “The World of Yesterday”, and while that is non-fiction and these stories fiction, both books show why Zweig was one of the most popular writers of the early 20th century.

Jun 03, Elderberrywine rated it liked it Shelves: Royyal, they came to the US but he never really liked it here and suffered from depression. Only a cursory familiarity with chess is necessary to enjoy the book but fans will be rewarded by good references, particularly the Stedan Bogoljubov A great story about chess and compulsion.

Stephan Zweig offers a fresh perspective on the psychological terror instilled by the Nazis in this fast-paced short story, The Royal Game. It’s worth reading the introduction, since it sheds light on the author’s style and background.