Bao Ninh, a former North Vietnamese soldier, provides a strikingly honest look at how the Vietnam War forever changed his life, his country, and the people who. 18 Nov Fifteen years after Bao Ninh’s admired war novel, he explains his When it was first published 15 years ago, Ninh’s novel, The Sorrow of War. The daring and controversial novel that took the world by storm– a story of politics, selfhood, survival, and war. Featured in The Vietnam War by Ken.

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No trivia or quizzes yet. An unconventional, powerful novel about the Vietnam war. The ba follows the story of a North Vietnamese soldier that loses love and faces the hardships of a physical, but also emotional war. To ask other readers questions about The Sorrow of Warplease sign up. In the second half of the book there is a lot more focus on the main character Kien and his childhood sweetheart Phuong.

Although the novel was reissued in Vietnamese last year, it has yet to be published under its original title. Please try again later. Unable to sustain any sort of intimate relationship, all he can do is remember. Jul 31, Andrew added it Shelves: He returned time and time again to his love, his friendship, his comradeship, those human bonds which had all helped us overcome the thousand sufferings of the war.

‘The Sorrow Of War’ Creates Controversy In Vietnam | The Spokesman-Review

The Destiny of Love was circulated in mimeographed form. Rather than rely on linear nattive, he chooses to write in a jarring, fragmented stream-of-consciousness. But it was useless. Of the five hundred who went to war with the brigade inhe is one of the ten who… More about Bao Ninh. The book forced the Vietnamese to confront a side of the war they rarely discuss, and although the novel won a literature prize here, it was roundly criticized by veterans.

The sun shone during the day and the air was as sororw or clean as April or May. They did not hinh at the human side of the fighters.

Women suffer more as the men have been trained to be violent, be emotionless and rape is a result of that doctrine. The way it stands now is just too long for what it says. This book is written by a North Vietnamese writer and clearly evokes much of his experience in what was a much longer war for the Vietnamese than it was for Americans.

Then hopefully, there are events that have meaningfulness without you writing about them.

I know a book is heading for 5-stars when, as I’m nearing the end, I read slowly and try to savor the last 20 pages or so. I do not feel so happy or so proud about the war; the victory of war, somehow, personally, I do not feel that.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The trees whose branches had turned bare during winter suddenly sprouted beautiful buds.

The Sorrow of War: A Novel of North Vietnam

It is no longer controversia My main problem with this book, besides the general lack of character development and plot, is that dorrow overall theme seems overdone. It was instantly controversial: At the time, unveiling sororw side of the soldier that was not unfalteringly dedicated to die for their country was brazen. Feb 09, Courtney Lindwall rated it it was ok Recommends it for: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The future had lied but it did not destroy the past – for the reader who is in the present. The prize money was equally shared by the author, Bao Ninh, the translator, Phan Thanh Hao, and Frank Palmoshe author of the English version for publication. I really wanted to fall in love with this book, but the writing style made it impossible for me. Bao Ninh, a former North Vietnamese soldier, provides a strikingly honest look at how the Vietnam War forever changed his life, his country, and the people who live there.

The numbers are overwhelming. I gather it was an instruction: I kept holding myself back,’ Ninh told The Observer in a rare interview at his home in a section of central Hanoi favoured by middle-ranking officials. One was totally devoid of feeling and had no regard for the clever or the stupid, the brave or the cowardly, commanders r privates, friend or foe, life or death, happiness or sadness. The bo A rare insight into the mind of a North Vietnam soldier.

Why I want to Read it. Not the ordinary people. Not a new phenomenon, true. In the case of dar Sorrow of War, the credit most certainly goes to the author, Bao Ninh.

This feeling is exacerbated by his heart-break sorroq his failed relationship with Phuong, who acts as a kind of ideal with whom Kien is unable to consummate a lasting relationship. Like the dead, one felt no fear, no enthusiasm, no joy, no sadness, no feelings for anything. So much blood, so many sotrow were sacrificed for what? He was one of the victorious North Vietnamese soldiers who took Saigon for the Communist forces 20 years ago.

Aug 14, Pages.

Justice may have won, but cruelty, death and inhuman violence had also won. I hope to find more by him. Is it the author or the translator? Lofty Thinh was a soldier who had slain an orang.